Why KrausGrafik?

Why KrausGrafik is your best media solutionKrausGrafik is dedicated to offering the highest quality communications services based on my longtime experience in editorial journalism and corporate communications. That means you get . . .



I’m a mature, seasoned professional with a proven record of bringing excellence to the organizations I worked for. I know how to build collaborative relationships with colleagues and the community. I’ve also proved my ability to successfully formulate messaging and deliver high quality results while managing multiple projects on deadline and within budget.



I can craft interesting, well-designed content, manage your creative staff or accounts, or represent your clients with the media and the community. I also have a reputation as both a quick learner in new situations and a supplier of creative solutions for both individual communication materials and overall campaigns. Whether it’s a photograph from a viewpoint you had never considered or a feature story that truly reveals true inner character of the subject, I can creatively solve your problems.


Why KrausGrafik is your best media solutionKRAUSGRAFIK SKILL SET

I offer a fully equipped toolbox that has what you need, including specific experience in:

  • Photography
  • Writing
  • Desktop and web publishing
  • Social media
  • Publications planning, editing, production, and design
  • Project management
  • Employee communications
  • Public and community relations
  • Supervision, evaluation and coaching
  • Strategic planning and budgeting
  • Assignment and event planning
  • Photo and digital illustration

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The creative content I’ve produced has benefited the Capital Region community for 22 years. During that time I’ve gained a wealth of local and regional background and a deep understanding of the local media scene. But no matter where you are I can do the job for you.


Why KrausGrafik is your best media solution


I believe in collaborating with fellow professionals to broaden my skills, refine my craft, and serve the community in causes I care about:


Take a look at what KrausGrafik has to offer, then let’s work together to improve your product with the very best in photography, design, writing, and a variety of other creative and management skills.


Professional resume available on request.